The Psychological Power of WHY

Suppose you needed to go to the supermarket in search of an item which has several alternatives with very similar features. All the other triggers would make absolutely no difference if you did not know ‘WHY’ you were headed there. Once you know WHY you are doing something, everything else is just a matter of logistics. Why do 90% of advertising and marketing ads go down the drain? Look for the WHY in advertising and the scarcity of convincing WHYs is instantly evident. All the fancy layouts and the smart headlines cannot quite compensate for the niggling question that goes unanswered. All your customers want to know is: Why should I choose your product/service? Why should I look at your website? Why should I read your brochure? Why should I listen to your speech? Does it answer the question WHY straight up? And does it do it on the first page? Finding the Right Level of Why Power It’s not enough to simply have the WHY question answered. The message answering your WHY question for your business must be strong and very clear. It must be the most ‘Rambo in your face’ answer, or it will bounce higher than a defaulting cheque. WHY is the only motivator that allows new customers or clients to make that shift to you. If you look closely, even a WHAT question like, What’s in it for me?, is really a “WHY” question. All it is saying is ‘Why should I pay attention?’ Give your customers the WHY factor and their buying sprees will reflect nicely in your growing bank account. The WHY represents one of the most powerful psychological triggers for customers and clients. Source:
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