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About Fundery Africa

Fundery Africa is more than just a highly-claimed Africa-Centric business development company; Fundery Africa is a tight-knit team of certified industry specialists with a knack for delivering innovative value chain solutions to the challenges and obstacles that hamper accelerated business growth in Africa. With one aligned vision, we work hand in hand with our clients to tackle the impossible and achieve the extraordinary within a set time frame. Our years of experience, training and expertise have prepared us to believe that no problem is too big to be solved, nor a challenge too strong to be tackled. We have a unique approach to solutions delivery that ensures sustainable results.

Tested and trusted

our services range from providing corporate finance and advisory services to creating and sourcing demand opportunities for clients and commercial partners in their respective markets. We assess the strengths and areas of improvements and recommend only the right solutions for our clients’ needs and problems.

Our awesomeness

lies in our unique ability to go above and beyond for our clients and our flexibility to expand on our offerings some of which have included;

Estate valuation for insurance credit facilities

Corporate communications & documentation

Corporate tax compliance & clearance

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project support.

Corporate event services

Start-up coaching & acceleration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Human resource management