Case Studies

We have done it before and we can do it again, even better this time. Some of our best works include;

Oil and Gas Asset Enumeration and Advisory Service

The challenge

In 2019, a Market Leader in the oil and gas industry in Africa was faced with the problem of poor production outlook and halted investment plans due to the financial barrier as a result of an oil price crash

Fundery Africa to the rescue...

We were beckoned upon to help. We came in and provided an end to end commercial and financial advisory service, which included asset reporting, and conducted an in-depth intelligence on reserves, production profiles, financial figures, and other key parameters. Armed with that rich insight, the company was able to develop strategies for growth and value creation, which in the end, allowed them to achieve pivotal transformations in their operations and business outcomes.

IT Solutions delivery

An Integrated Field-by-Field Database for the Global Upstream Oil and Gas Industry.

With over 10 key features, this solution enables our clients to understand historical and future global supply and its economics; benchmark competitor performance and analyze their portfolios; compare production, reserves, and economics at country, company or asset level; and Identify targets for acquisitions. The solution is ideal for oil and gas companies, financial market (Investors, investment banking, equity research, and M&A), Oil service companies, Governments and governmental agencies, consulting and advisory firms, and research institutions

Oilfield Service Databases, with Field-by-Field Coverage on Global OFS Demand and Supply

We built a set of Oilfield Service Databases covering supply and demand for the global oilfield service market to answer all the right questions such as which oilfield service segment has displayed the largest growth over the past year? How is upstream expenditure trending? Which oilfield service company has grown their market share the most? What is the revenue outlook for the various service segments? The solution enables oil and gas companies to do the following; explore global upstream expenditure by OFS segment, geography, field life cycle, and development solution; understand trends, development, and size of individual oilfield service market; identify business development opportunities; obtain and benchmark revenue outlook for oilfield service market players; benchmark project costs, cost breakdowns, cost phasing and estimate new developments; get an immediate overview of E&P operator portfolios and their future spending plans; track contracts, order intake, and backlog; map relationships between operators and service companies. It is suitable for oilfield service companies, oil and gas company procurement departments, financial market players and investors, governments and governmental agencies, and consulting and advisory firms.